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Munir Gomaa

Munir Gomaa

Munir Gomaa is a dentist practicing in the Chicagoland area. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago, where he studied and obtained a degree in Psychology.  In dental school, Munir conducted research on fears and anxiety associated with going to a dentist. Munir currently practices in Lockport, Illinois.

In addition to his dental practice, Munir plans to continue his research and educational pursuits in the field of psychology post-graduation. Munir is interested in public access to healthcare and hopes to dedicate part of his private practice to community service.

This blog is intended as a resource for health professionals and healthcare providers interested in applying psychology and community service to their practice. Munir believes health professionals will best serve their patients by taking a more holistic approach in treating them: learning about and empathizing with their patients, understanding how stress and anxiety might exacerbate a patient’s physical symptoms, and encouraging patients to feel at ease confronting and treating their health problems are key to providing the best possible treatment. In his spare time, Munir also writes on financial planning for healthcare professionals.

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