Insightful read for dental practitioners–keep your patients happy

Posted by Munir Gomaa

I ran across this article and thought it’d be useful for new dental practitioners out there. Included are creative methods, some more obvious than others, that might help give dentists an edge in building healthy, lasting relationships with their patients.

My personal favorite is perhaps the most obvious one–likely why it’s the first to be listed–and that is remembering who they are! Not just their names, but their stories–to the extent which they’ve felt comfortable sharing with you during past appointments, of course. Remembering their interests, fears, and families among other qualities will help build positive, comfortable and trusting relationships, ultimately helping you deliver the best quality care you can while maintaining a warm, friendly environment.  Seems rather intuitive, but it can surely become a difficult task when you’re seeing over a thousand patients! Documenting highlights of your conversations with patients along with your post-op note is always a good idea.

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3 thoughts on “Insightful read for dental practitioners–keep your patients happy

  1. I have bad teeth sad i know..though i dont care what anyone thinks about m how they are some dentist prices cost to much middle class people or poor people cant afford those prices are maintain good health…they dont keep patience happy doctors dentist dont care only about money and thats why they dont take most insurance if its for the poor or middle class average people

    • I’m sorry to hear that @minamac. Sadly, I know this is true with respect to many dental offices. Dental health services need to become more accessible to people. I’m hoping to help healthcare professionals become more in tune with the needs of the greater population through my blog but the fact of the matter is that some people do this work for the money. There are many dentists who take Medicaid and HMO though. What city do you live in? I can try to find an office in your area that takes your insurance if you like.

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